Bi-Weekly Laravel Tips From Taylor

I’ve wanted to start sharing small Laravel tips and tricks I use in my daily work for a while now. It’s time to put that plan into action.
I’m going to start sending bi-weekly tips via a newsletter. These tips will be things I’m encountering in my daily work with Laravel that I think will improve your Laravel application development skills and overall Laravel experience.
Who knows, I may even throw in some sneaky hints about upcoming Laravel packages, features, and services.
Interested? Get on list! I’ll send out my first tips soon!

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本帖由 Summer 于 10个月前 加精
《L03 构架 API 服务器》
你将学到如 RESTFul 设计风格、PostMan 的使用、OAuth 流程,JWT 概念及使用 和 API 开发相关的进阶知识。
《L05 电商实战》
从零开发一个电商项目,功能包括电商后台、商品 & SKU 管理、购物车、订单管理、支付宝支付、微信支付、订单退款流程、优惠券等
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